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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Nivea Beauty Shooting, backstage
Berlin, Germany

March 28, 2012

Feature in 361┬░ on the topic “Faith” by A.T. Kearny,
Vienna, Austria

March 22, 2012

Migros campaign Shooting, backstage
Zurich, Switzerland

March 19, 2012

Target Grocery Shooting, moods
Los Angeles, USA

March 15, 2012

Check out: “S├╝ddeutsche Zeitung Magazin No 9″ (pictures taken by Achim Lippoth),
Cologne, Germany

March 8, 2012

Recommentadion: Tiziano Moderno “ela nascita del paesaggio”,
February 16th – March 20th 2012 (pictures taken for ADD by Achim Lippoth)
Milan, Italy

March 7, 2012